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Gluten Free Glasgow


Best GF eats and treats in Glasgow. First on our hot list was Celino’s Partick.

A Trattoria offering breakfasts, lunch and dinner with the very best in homemade fresh Italian pastas, antipasto, sea food and pizzas.

The well-stocked Italian delicatessen boasts a deli counter offering; charcuterie, artisan cheeses, fresh pasta, Italian bread, pizza and arancini, Sicilian pastries, cakes and ice cream.

My all time favourite-coffee bar exists here. I love nothing more than a ‘fresh Italian’ coffee, which is roasted on the premises. Celino’s prides itself on it’s fine wines to accompany its beautiful food. They have an elegantly named ‘enotecca machine’, the first of its kind in Glasgow, I bet it’s on a few wishlists. It allows customers to sample the very finest Italian wines by the glass. My father in law loves it! Especially their Italian red wine Followed by Ba Rum’ Ba cakes!

Our gluten free ‘rate and taste’ a plate for our GFG started back in Dec 2018 after our West End wedding at Oran Mor Glasgow as we really missed going out for treats during our year of saving, coupled with the fact that we didn’t want to break the habit of coming up to the West end. We started really discussing what was on our ‘foodie wish lists!’ Celino’s Partick was straight at the top of our list and it did not disappoint!

Rate our plate : GF chicken & bacon 🥓 7/10

Venue & staff service: 10/10.

Michael’s plate : Venison 8/10

Venue & staff 10/10

Celino’s Partick hosts one of the best Italian restaurants and take away deli’s in Glasgow. It’s Italian authentic food, made it a special treat for us in the lead up to our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs. Located there; is a busy takeout section, remained me of the famous restaurant in Soprano’s ‘Vesuviou’. Cakes galore including-my husbands favourite Cannolli. They provide take home favourites of freshly prepped meals, pasta, pizza, and cater for those looking for healthier options too, Which definitely wasn’t on the cards for us. We took home the most amazing GF / Dairy free carrot cake for me, cannoli and meringues. Which were perfection!

Ideal for those seeking a posh’ take away and those busy commuters on the go!

Celino’s caters for anyone, although it didn’t have a separate Gf menu specially for those who suffer from underlying food allergies/ intolerances. We were pleasantly surprised by the GF options available. There is a great selection on the menu you are not going to miss out if you dine here. I have difficulties in trusting places when I see that there is no GF / allergy menus. The truth is that It’s scary for us allergy sufferers; to know exactly what’s in our food. How is it cooked? Can you tell me wholeheartedly that my food won’t be exposed to any cross contamination?

I have a severe wheat/Gluten & our allergy and oral allergy syndrome which can lead to angioedema which is (severe lip and throat swelling) if I do eat food containing allergens. It’s so important for me to know what I can and can’t eat when we go out. By having a GF menu it can help to lessen the extend and provide a better experience for people with food allergies as without it can lead to food anxieties for us eating out!

For this despite not having a menu specifically; We have given it a good score for both my Gluten Free eats and treats and Michael’s. Their Italian GF options were excellent, as was their staff and subsequent knowledge of dietary / Allergy information.

It was provided at the start and I felt really comfortable; the waitress was happy to discuss any of my concerns and helped us

to choose a suitable meal for coeliac’s and my other food allergies. I did want a burger and was advised against it as it contained wheat and flour in the meat, not just with the bun.

We were advised that I could have a chicken breast wrapped in bacon and arla cheese with a Mediterranean salad. I did enjoy it, the only small criticism I have is that it had too much olive oil on it for me. Which made it quite greasy. It was cooked to perfection though and was extremely tasty I would just hold back on the oil next time. We will definitely go back soon! One of Partick’s gems.

Any suggestions of where to visit next DM us or email us at


Stay up on the rise Celino’s.

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• We only write about the places that we would recommend based upon our love of the best places to visit.

• We don’t write about Advertising/ freebies & don’t accept money for sponsored posts. Our review is paid ourselves out of enjoyment. We rate our own plate and experience.

• We are newlyweds our idea of our honeymoon is eating our way around Scotland!

• What you’ll see here is a lot of us being good to ourselves, comfort foods galore, yum desserts and coffee of course.

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